Welcome to PATH

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PATH Fitness was formed with the idea that there is a course of fitness for every person. PATH offers fitness classes and personal training in a cooperative setting. The focus of PATH is on total body wellness, including your mental and spiritual wellness, with the idea that change can be created in anyone’s life with the proper support. Classes and training are available in a variety of styles and levels—from those new to exercise, the weekend warrior or the advanced exerciser.

The instructors at PATH offer classes in Pilates, yoga (a variety of styles), aerobics & strength training (including Zumba, Boot Camp, and TRX classes) and specific classes for older adults and pre/post natal fitness.

PATH aims to provide you with support to make the appropriate choice in fitness, so that you can have a successful experience and work toward building health habits that can impact your long term physical and mental well being. Don’t waste your time and energy in a class that isn’t going to get you the results you are looking for, PATH provides suggestions to get you the results you are looking for