Our Classes

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PATH is a cooperative space, meaning each instructor utilizes the space to provide programming. All instructors at PATH are qualified to teach in their discipline and are insured. Rates vary per instructor/class, please consult specific instructor or call PATH if you have a specific question about a program.

Personal Training

There is no better way to reach your personal fitness goals than with personal training. Workouts are specifically tailored to help you reach your fitness needs. Personal training can happen around your schedule that you determine with your trainer. Rates at PATH are competitive. Buddy/group training is offered by many trainers, which can be a cost effective and great introduction to training. Contact PATH to learn more about our training options.


Stretch and strengthen muscles you never knew you had. Pilates is known for providing a great core workout, but it is much more than abs. PATH offers a variety of Pilates style classes including mat work, Pilates strength using weighted balls, and Cardio Pilates/Pilates Bootcamp, a killer cardio workout with Pilates strength.

TRX Bootcamp-Suspension and RIP trainer

High intensity class containing both cardio and strength exercises. Using both the TRX Suspension trainer and the TRX RIP trainer, in addition to kettle bells, free weights and bands, in a circuit style boot camp participants will push themselves to their personal best. Class can be tailored to fit a variety of fitness needs, but style of class is most appropriate for the intermediate/ advanced exerciser. Monday Funday is for advanced exercisers only-please contact PATH if you have questions.